Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy opened Friday’s “Fox News Primetime” by ripping the Democratic Party for “purposely ignoring” the American people even the results of this week’s elections.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: If this week’s elections proved anything, it’s that Americans care about kitchen table issues. We want what’s best for our country and what’s best for our families. And these are the things Americans value most: Number one, jobs and the economy; Two, the cost of living; and three, most importantly our kids. 

Democrats know that – our voices were heard this week – but they don’t care and they are purposely ignoring us.

Today Joe Biden made it sound like everything is great – America is working again … But Joe is spiking the football too early when it comes to employment numbers – because in just a few months those jobs numbers will go down the toilet when his private-sector vaccine mandates take effect. 

Thousands – perhaps even millions – of people could be out of work because of his quest for 100% covid compliance. And even the Americans who will keep their jobs will feel like their paycheck is getting smaller every week – thanks to Biden-flation.

Did the Democrats learn nothing from this week? They must not have – because all they want to talk about is electric school buses and tree equity.

This brand of tone-deaf radicalism isn’t working. Americans are fed up and the red wave is rising.

By editor