Abby Huntsman says ‘The View’ has an ‘unbearable culture’ that rewards ‘bad behavior’

Former “View “ Huntsman spoke out to explain what caused her resignation from the long-running ABC daily program.

Huntsman stated that calling Huntsman’s tenure as a View host “kind of stressful”, is the correct term. She recalled how she became the focus of tabloids about her experience with ABC, where she learned she had been sent to a talent coach by ABC just a few weeks after she started her role.

“I was certain that the article came from inside at the moment I saw it,” Huntsman said on Thursday. They send me to a talent coach, and then they leaked it about me …. Then you stop believing in people and feel alone. It’s very lonely. “


Huntsman, who was a “View” co-host from 2018-2020, shared an anecdote from her mother about a bumper sticker slogan she saw that read, “It takes strength to be gracious during cruel situations,” something Huntsman said, “it reminded me so much about my time on that show, how often I would sit there and I would so badly want to scream. Huntsman shared with Lauren Leeds that it took her to keep the strong part of herself in check and to show grace.

Abby Huntsman announced she won’t be co-hosting

Abby Huntsman has announced that she will no longer be hosting “The View” with Joy Behar. (Getty Images).

Huntsman suggested that the reason she gave at the time for leaving “The View,” which was to help her father Jon Huntsman’s gubernatorial campaign, wasn’t exactly truthful, calling it a “great out. “

” I knew the show didn’t reflect my values. Huntsman stated that he meant to reward people for their bad behaviour. Huntsman said, “I am not going to write a tell-all novel. That’s not me. I won’t name anyone. But at the time there were executive in charge and it was something I felt like they were playing a part in our game. It was all about the money, ratings and tabloids. You had to let the show go on in order for it to be successful. “


“You would see people act in ways around you that was not okay. This was part of the toxic atmosphere that was present, but it was normal because this was The View. We are now on air criticizing others shows and other people who do it wrongly or in a toxic environment. Yet, here I am, like I’m right in the middle. Huntsman said to Leeds, “You can’t speak up.”

” And if it was something I reported, which I did, then I went to the executives many times. I stated that this wasn’t okay for me. It’s not sustainable, and it isn’t feasible for many people who are still here. They would look at me blankly every time and say that I believe things must change. They basically said, “You’re fortunate to be here.” This is the show ‘…. They don’t want it changing. “

Huntsman revealed she accepted her father’s offer to help his campaign because she had to “save my mental health,” her “family” and “myself. She shared the things that she loved, such as the interviews and friendships with coworkers. However she felt ashamed of what she had contributed to the culture.

“”It was an awful culture at the end,” Huntsman stated.

When she announced her desire to quit, her bosses insisted that she leave within one month. Instead, she gave them five days. Tabloids first reported her leaving because of a poor work environment. She refused to correct them, saying that it would be lying. “


“At that point, I’m just- I can’t get here fast enough.,” Huntsman said. It is completely opposite to why I started this business. To be honest, real, and truthful. I wish I could have shared what was happening with the viewers, but that was not what I did. Although I tried to be graceful, I wasn’t going to lie.

Huntsman claimed that she was asked by an executive if she’d read the script to correct tabloids. When she denied it, her boss said “that was not a mistake” and she was “threatened.” Her sister then shared an article in Daily Mail stating that ABC would fire her anyway. “

A spokeswoman for The View told USA Today that “twenty-two amazing women” have been given a place on the panel. They have also worked with dedicated members of our staff. Abby will remain part of “The View” family forever and we are looking forward to continuing our conversation when Abby visits us next month. “

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