Biden’s UN speech, refusal to explicitly critique China proves he’s ‘the embodiment of weakness’, author says

President Biden offered a milquetoast United Nations General Assembly speech Monday, where he refused to explicitly confront China among other missed opportunities, proving he is the “embodiment of weakness,” “Woke, Inc.” author Vivek Ramaswamy said.

Fox News Primetime “, Host Pete Hegseth described the speech as “a declaration[ation] that he was giving up to China. All branded under his new doctrine for relentless diplomacy. “

“That’s right up there with leading from behind,” the host told Ramaswamy, adding that Biden sees global warming as more of a pressing battle than other concerns.

Ramaswamy agreed, adding that the new American construct of “cultural fragility” has supplanted American Exceptionalism – all with the help of the Biden administration.

“Biden embodies weakness. This is where the problem lies with diplomacy: weakness empowers its enemies. Our enemies will attack us if we are weak. He said that he had seen it in the Taliban over recent weeks.

“Now you are seeing it in China exhibiting aggression as well. “

Ramaswamy called Biden a symptom of the “cultural fragility” problem rather than the center point.

” Cultural fragility in the home breeds cultural fragility elsewhere. China knows this and uses our companies as a way to attack the United States. He said that encouraging a culture of victimhood in the United States actually makes it weaker overseas when these same companies, institutions, and government do not condemn China’s Communist Party for real human rights violations.”


“This runs really deep and tell you can you recall problem more than a geopolitical problem. “

Hegseth posited that Biden learned his weak leadership style from Barack Obama and his regrettable “Apology Tour“, borrowing a term coined by then-2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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