Judge Jeanine Piro asked who was in fact responsible for the White House Saturday’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine .”

JUDGE JEANINE: In case you didn’t know it, Joe Biden is the president of the United States in name only. The White House is being run by someone else. Barack Obama? Take a look at my words and join me in the conversation to see if they make sense. We knew from the very beginning that he was wrong. He kept asking us questions that made it difficult to understand his motives. His speech patterns were bizarre and he seemed confused.

We couldn’t ask questions, because they kept pulling him back behind the COVID curtain as if they were hiding something. While President Trump campaigned around the clock on his phone, Joe Biden was still under the COVID storm until all inquiries were over. Even then, Biden was not always aware of his location or the direction he was heading.

No President in United States history has ever spoken like this. How can we conclude that the most powerful person in the world will discipline him for not doing what is asked. Who is in control?

By the way, have you noticed Joe Biden is carrying out the same policies Barack Obama had? Joe Biden is trashing police officers, open borders and saying that he is part of an “international community” when that isn’t the case. And by the way how come Kamala Harris was given this opportunity after calling out Joe Biden on his racist views? Why would anyone as stupid as Kamala be so clueless? She had to withdraw from a primary election because she could not get 1%. How is that possible for her to become the vice-president of the United States. Consider Barack Obama’s love for Kamala.


By editor