Levin: ‘The Democrat Party is a very diabolical political organization’

Fox News’ Mark Levin exposed what he considers to be a smokescreen that hides the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill. This was Sunday’s “Life Liberty & Levin .. “

Democrats are promoting the expansive bill which includes a series of social reforms, but the bill has caused a fracture within the party. The multitude of views from progressives to moderate Democrats within the party have caused a series of roadblocks in negotiations. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) stated that his spending cap was $1.5 trillion. The Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders ,I. wants $3.5 trillion as the minimum.

White House press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that she doesn’t believe President Joe Biden will receive the $3.5 trillion.

“I keep hearing Nancy Pelosi and others say: if we do not vote to raise the debt ceiling then what will happen is the full faith and credit of the United States will be destroyed because we will default on our debt … These are more scare tactics, and that’s what the Democrats do all the time. Levin stated that in order to make this country better, they use this tactic to advance their agenda.


He proceeded to rebut the claim that the U.S. would default on its debt.

“First, we are not going to default in our debt service. This is why: regardless of whether the government closes or continues, you continue to pay your taxes. Your taxes are still being collected by the IRS through Treasury. To the tune of approximately $320 billion every month. So, I set out to find the truth. How much goes each month to debt service? Approximately $44 billion.

He asked how the U.S. would default if the federal government is receiving $320 billion, with $44 billion for the debt service. “

Levin highlighted another contradiction he discovered. Levin said that when Democrats raised concerns about a shortage of funds for paying expenses from an earlier administration, it was “another flat-faced lie.” That money has already been spent. Forward spending on other programs is required in order to increase the debt ceiling.

The motivation for raising the debt ceiling, according to Levin, is “to pay for [the Democrats’] massive, massive reengineering of society, redistribution of wealth and the imposition of their socialist agenda. “

Levin added that Democrats “put every radical idea you can possibly think of” relating to critical race theory, climate change, or undermining the capitalist system. He also stated that the money would go to radical community activists groups, which would in turn help Democrats win elections.

“They’re going to build an army of electoral volunteers. They will be there every election and will, thanks to your subsidizing them to influence the election outcome,” he stated. I have already said that the Democrat Party was a very evil political party. It was a supporter of slavery and segregation. They aren’t Americans. They claim that it is Democratic socialism, but it really is American Marxism. They lie and so do their media spokesman. “


Levin warned that this level of spending is unsustainable and putting future generations at risk. We’re turning the country upside-down for future generations. It will be a disaster. Already we have high inflation and product shortages. The price of food, gas, and other commodities is on the rise. Imagine adding trillions to this. “

By editor