New Jersey police officer catches 1-month-old baby dropped off balcony

A New Jersey officer caught the one-month-old baby who had been dropped off a balcony on the second floor. Authorities said. The Hudson County prosecutor said that Officer Eduardo Matute was called in Saturday morning to Jersey City after reports of a threat to the child. reports that he and several officers were positioned below the second-floor balcony as the child was dangled over the balcony railing. After a long standoff between officials and Matute, Matute was able to catch the infant. Kimberly WallaceScalcione, a spokesperson for

City said that the infant was brought to the hospital in precaution. Later, Mayor Steve Fulop posted a picture on social media showing the officer with the child wrapped in white blankets.

“Thankfully the baby wasn’t harmed physically,” Fulop said.

Wallace-Scalcione said the man who dropped the baby was immediately arrested and charges are pending.


“Kudos to the (Jersey City Police Department) and all the officers involved for their heroics and for bringing a safe conclusion to this dangerous situation,” Prosecutor Esther Suarez said in a Twitter post.

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