Scalise shoots back after book claims Melania Trump refused to visit his family: ‘pathetic’

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., hit back after former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that Melania Trump refused to visit him at the White House, not long after he’d been shot at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game in 2017.

In her book, “I’ll take your questions now: What I saw at the Trump White House”, Grisham claimed that Melania Trump was asked by her staff if she would like to see the Scalises who were gathered at the White House’s Blue Room. She declined according to a report by Business insider .

” Her response was “No, I already told you hello,”” Grisham said. Melania Trump was referring to when she and the then-President Donald Trump visited Scalise in the hospital as he recuperated from the shooting. The book says that the East Wing became familiar with the response of the first lady.


Scalise condemned the claim in no uncertain terms.

“This explains how the fake media machine against Donald Trump works and [Melania]. The congressman said that this never took place. My family visited the White House during my stay in hospital. They were given a tour of the White House by Mrs. Trump. “

He called the claims “another pathetic effort by a disgraced ex-staffer to lie in order to sell books.” They would have discovered it fake if her reporter or any other outlet that covered the story did fact-check it. They chose to keep it as their false narrative. “

“The fact that they had to lie about the shooting victim’s family in order to create a fake picture of Trumps is a clear indication of their credibility,” Scalise said. In a Monday statement to Fox News,

Grisham reiterated her assertion.

“I respect Steve Scalise, and would not expect him to know about any conversation that he wasn’t part of,” she wrote in a text message.

“Perhaps he is conflating two separate events. After he had been discharged from the hospital, Mrs. Trump refused to meet him in his Blue Room even though she was upstairs. “I found it to be disrespectful towards Congressman Scalise, his family – his Tweet does not contradict the things I wrote in my books,” Grisham replied.

Scalise wrote his own book about what he called “miraculous” events that enabled him to survive life-threatening injuries he sustained in the June 14, 2017 shooting. Although Scalise’s injuries did not seem serious, one of Scalise’s fellow Congressmen had witnessed similar injuries in Abu Ghraib, and was able to inform the medical staff about Scalise’s serious condition.

” I wrote that this book was his attempt to demonstrate how many miracles were needed for Scalise to be given a second chance.


Then-President Trump and Melania Trump visited Scalise in the hospital the very same day of the shooting.

” “I’ll Answer Your Questions Now” is available in stores on Tuesday.

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