Ted Cruz, top Dem have heated exchange over Biden’s Egypt policy

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Bob Menendez, D-N.J., got into a heated argument during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on Wednesday over the Biden administration’s foreign policy in Egypt.

Menendez told Cruz to not “put words” in his mouth when Cruz said the chair had “observed that, yes, the Biden administration is holding hostage $130 million for Egypt and demanding that 16 people be released from prison. “

Menendez, the chair of the committee, denied he had “recognize[d]” that, adding “Don’t put words in my mouth that I didn’t say.”

“I didn’t say anyone was holding anybody hostage,” Menendez clarified later.

Cruz asked Menendez if he denied the administration was withholding $130 million in military aid to Egypt to which Menendez said he didn’t need to be cross-examined by the Texas senator.


“You’re cross-examining me,” Cruz replied.

Menendez accused Cruz of making a misstatement and pounded on his gavel while Cruz continued to speak.

“The Senator will withhold,” Menendez ordered while gaveling. Menendez ordered, “The Senator will withhold,” while givingling. Cruz retorted.

Menendez then threatened to adjourn the meeting while Cruz continued to accuse him of interrupting.

Another claim by the New Jersey Democrat was that Cruz started a feud with him over his social media accounts. He said, “I understand you want this for YouTube. For your presidential campaign.”

“Are you going to allow me to speak?” After more than one minute of talking, Cruz asked. Menendez asked him to keep talking after he had said that he thought it was very nice of him. And I’ll say, Mr. Chairman that I really appreciate your comedy lecture. “

The September Biden administration decision to withhold aid under the condition that the Middle Eastern nation improves its human rights record, which included the release of 16 unknown prisoners.

Cruz said he would speak more “precisely,” claiming Menendez had said he should be “satisfied” that the names of the Egyptian prisoners were classified and being withheld from the American people.


He called the hold on the aid “undoubtedly a quid pro quo. “

“‘You will get your $130 million that Congress has appropriated when you release these 16 individuals from prison,'” Cruz said.

He stated that he would like to find out if prisoners are terrorists or members of the Muslim Brotherhood. These are questions that the American people want to answer.

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