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Remember when political debates were the highlight of the political year, like boxing matches, everyone would watch them. This doesn’t take place anymore. It’s not happening anymore. It’s boring. They know what they’re going to say. Before they speak, you know exactly what they are going to say. You can sometimes see interesting things happen by chance if you watch the lower-tier debates and the debates below the fight card. It reveals much about the country, and those who lead it.

That just happened last month in Virginia during a governor’s debate. Terry McAuliffe served as Virginia’s governor. The state was severely damaged by him. He’s the career Clinton operative who you may remember from his many brushes with apparent indictment. The Washington Post keeps telling you that he is about to be indicted. But he never was. He ran for governor in Virginia and it was a disaster. Now he is attempting to destroy it more to get reelected.

At the last month’s debate, Terry McAuliffe said that his parents have no control over their children’s education. They pay for it. Terry McAuliffe instead informed Virginia that the government has sole responsibility for your child.

TERRY MCAULIFFE: I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. It is so annoying to see everyone shaming teachers. These are true heroes and deserve respect. I love my teachers for what they have done with covid.

He’s a hack, a liar, and a demagogue, but ignore the second part of the sentence. I don’t believe parents should tell teachers what they should be teaching. Is that really true? Parents don’t have control over their children. Are you allowed to inform your pediatrician about the type of treatment that your children should receive? It is not. It is the new rule. All decisions regarding your children are made by the government. This is not only true for Virginia. It is now orthodoxy throughout the entire Democratic Party. This idea is unprecedented in American history and has been supported by the whole federal government, i.e. the Biden administration.


And if you disagree with that, if you’re one of those troglodytes who think you should have, some say in what your children are taught in the schools that you pay for, you should know the Biden administration now views you as a domestic terrorist, and they are fully willing to used armed agents of the state to compel you to shut up. Joe Biden’s Justice Department has made that very, very clear.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, remember, the moderate, soft-spoken, one to turn out to be not moderate at all, but a wild-eyed, radical crazy person – He’s now the attorney general – He issued a memorandum yesterday calling on the FBI to crack down on parents who complain about their school board.

Now, keep in mind at this exact moment that Garland wrote that, we learned that murders in the United States since the advent of Black Lives Matter have gone up 30%. That’s a lot more people dead. The attorney general is our chief law enforcement officers. He didn’t issue any memo on that. Instead, he issued a memo on wrongthinkers. Garland instructed “federal and state, tribal, territorial, and local law enforcement officials to consider strategies for dealing with this troubling trend.” Parents complaining is the disturbing trend.

” In the next days, Garland stated that the department would announce several measures to combat the increase in crimes directed at school staff.

Criminal conduct. How does this work? Bombings, assaults? You can’t complain. It is now criminal to disagree with your kid’s school. This is what we have learned. We have learned that the Biden administration doesn’t believe in liberal democracy’s most fundamental precepts. Your freedom of speech shouldn’t be restricted. The government should convince you but not force you. You are responsible for your children, and not the government.


Merrick Garland did not give birth to your kids. These are your children, and not his. They don’t recognize that. They are happy to use armed agents to implement their ideologies. They have to because this ideology is not popular with the majority of Americans.

Now why was the DOJ writing this letter? They received a complaint form the National School Boards Association. The Democratic Party has huge donors. Citizens were unhappy about the use of masking to hide children and critical race theory.

The group wrote to Biden to complain about the school board actions. They claimed that they could be compared to domestic terrorist acts and hate crimes.

School administrators have been made a protected group. You are committing hate crimes if you don’t agree with them. This is not the same as expressing an opinion constitutionally protected. It is an act of violence for you to disagree with them. Let’s get specific:

According to the National School Boards Association, it’s things like this: “Earlier this month, a student in Tennessee was mocked during a board meeting for advocating masks in schools after testifying that his grandmother, who was an educator, died because of COVID-19. “


Now, the association went on to say that the feds should use The Patriot Act, created after 9/11 to the regret of most thinking people, and that Postal Inspectors should probe the “cyberbullying” school board members claim they have faced.

Now, where do we go from here? It’s really simple. It’s very simple. To mock someone calling for mandatory medically unneeded mask mandates is domestic terrorist and the FBI’s main concern.

What you are not permitted to do is highlight the fact that teens and children are not dying of COVID. They’re actually dying from many other causes, not just COVID.

A lot of children are dying from a variety of things. As usual, drowning is the most common cause of death. You can also be involved in car crashes. But you’ll notice that more students are dying from suicide, in some cases, directly traceable to these policies than are dying from COVID.

This is a crisis of national proportions. This is a national crisis that has not been addressed by either the Department of Justice nor any other government agency. Only the ideologic crimes are being addressed: People disagreeing.

School boards have been trying to silence anyone challenging their COVID orthodoxy for years. The school board used mask mandates to shut down a parent who claimed they had indoctrinated his child in Loudoun County in Virginia.

BRANDON MICHON: I’m gonna read an excerpt from a freshman honors English class in Stone Bridge. She’s just as hoeful as her sister, and she’s the one who f—ing all of them on the court. It is time for LCPS’ to clean up their act. People can see that there is a lack of leadership in the country. My 5-year-old daughter is receiving transgender books from her library. Teenagers are getting pornography in literature. Do something! You can be a leader. This country deserves better.

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER: Can you please cover your nose with your mask?

BRANDON MICHON: You’re all vaccinated! You’re all vaccinated! Give me 10 seconds back.

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER: You know the rules. We are grateful.

It’s unbelievable. They cut off his microphone. You’re in violation of COVID law.” They didn’t want him to know. This is a parent paying the school for their five-year old son. They just shut his mouth.

Now, they have gone all out. If you complain that they are causing harm to your children, you can be sent to jail. We’re already in serious trouble. The Department of Justice is now considering making criminal charges against us for more of our conduct. All those parents who attended school board meetings last summer? Merrick Garland will probably investigate the parents.

WOMAN AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: In March, my child had to watch a TED talk in English class – not on anything related to English but oppression and acknowledging privilege. This is wrong. Any parent who has a pulse will know this.

WOMAN AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: Why has public school become to mired in extremist politics and a permissive culture that seems to celebrate the latest fads like gender fluidity.

WOMAN AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: And we oppose your efforts to impose critical race theory – an overtly racist doctrine that teaches our children to judge others solely on the color of their skin

MAN AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology and literature. This is it. It’s not ideology.

WOMAN AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: I equally dislike all of you. All of you have done a terrible job. Perhaps it is time for you to make a change. Start now.

Some of those you may have noticed, her immigrant parents who moved here because of our famously good education system, only to find out that was a lie. This is the worst.

For many parents, the answer will be very simple over time. Leave home, quit school and start your school. This will not be tolerated by parents. They are the ones who are suffering.

But, on the other side, one has to wonder, “Why let these lunatics control a system that they haven’t built?” They don’t get to control it. It’s not theirs to ruin. Perhaps we can stay strong and defend the schools that belong to us. These schools are ours. They are not members of the National Association of School Boards or teachers union. Merrick Garland is the only one who has them. These people belong to Americans.


Now, the backdrop to all of this is the people you just saw are now designated as criminals by the Biden administration, by the Department of Justice, so-called. However, the Department of Justice has now designated these people as criminals. How is the Biden government responding to this situation? It’s doing nothing. Many of these people, who are also their voters and their political allies. The administration doesn’t have any problem with its political allies putting terror on sitting U.S. senators.

AGITATOR TO SEN. SINEMA: We knocked down doors for you.

AGITATOR TO SEN. SINEMA: As workers, we need solutions, to Build Back Better plan, need has the solutions that we need.

AGITATOR TO SEN. SINEMA: We knocked down doors for you to get you elected. We can remove you from office, just like we did to get you elected.

AGITATOR TO SEN. SINEMA: I’m a survivor of human trafficking and it is because of lack of worker protections that we don’t have in the gig economy. You must stand with workers many people like me.

It is not normal to harass someone in a lady’s room, period. This is unacceptable. Joe Biden doesn’t have any problem with this, he stated that yesterday. But you need to have a big problem. It is clearly the way to violence and chaos.

In conclusion, there is no issue with this at all from the DOJ. You are the problem. Your child is sent to public school by the person who paid taxes. The school tells you that you don’t have the right to feel outraged and that your child can choose their gender. It’s nothing. It’s you who are complaining. If you complain, then the DOJ will use the Patriot Act to target you as a domestic terrorist.

But, even if you are here illegally, the DOJ will harass you in the toilet if you vote differently than you believe. There are no penalties. This doesn’t just apply to illegal aliens. It’s not like actual crimes are being overlooked.

Here’s one example: Prosecutors in Chicago just rejected charges against five men involved in a shootout in the middle of the morning. One man was killed in the shootout, and two more were taken to hospital. It was not a big deal, as Chicago prosecutors said that these were “mutual combatants.” Huh? Gang members are shooting at each other. It is not our concern. A guy died.


Last week, prosecutors in Chicago announced they wouldn’t pursue murder charges because a teenager who was stabbed to death was, they said, engaging in “mutual combat.” It’s perfectly fine. One kid was stabbed to death. It’s not a huge deal. This is nothing to do with disagreeing with the school board.

And it isn’t on all levels. Gang members may shoot one another, and they might stab their children to death. But that is not the same thing as challenging Joe Biden to record your children. They fear that’s exactly what they do.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the October 5, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight. “

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